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Sally Mandy

Sally Mandy's New Haircut

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Summer of 2002

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Morganbrugh Westies

(West Highland White Terriers)

Bred for Love
 and Laughter

(The "...brugh" in "Morganbrugh" means "big house" or "fairy house"  in Scots Gaelic.  It is pronounced "brew".)


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Puppies are given color-names at birth:
"Blue", "Green" & "Yellow", etc.

To view linked pages click on underlined titles.  They are located within the body of this index page & on the left side of  most pages in the "shared borders".

Thanks for visiting.  We hope you enjoy this web site. 

Yes, we have puppies!.
Sept. 5, 2003
We have had computer problems, so no there are no photos on this web site of our current litter. Please e-mail us and we will be happy to send you photos as e-mail attachments. Or see our family web site at


Our Color Portraits

Photos at age 5 weeks
Jan. 18, 2003

Happy Valentine's Day from Us Pups!
(Jan. 18, 2003)
Photos at age 5 weeks

Have a Westie Springtime


Our dad:

Morgan's R. R. Galahad
(photos & ancestors)
Patriotic Galahad
New Photos of Galahad 5/02)
Galahad Vignettes   
Galahad's New Haircut  12/04/00  

Our mom:

Morgan's Little Sally Mandy
(photos & background)
Sally Mandy -- What a Girl!
     (New Photos of Sally Mandy 5/02)

More Sally Mandy  
Sally Mandy's New Haircut 
Sally Mandy's Place   03/27/01

Prices:  $500.00-650.00

Please read about
AKC Registration Rights:  "Full" & "Limited"
Morganbrugh Adoption Policies
(on same page)

To contact us

Abbreviations & Terminology
 Used in Pedigrees, etc.

incl. definitions of
& "partial" registration rights.

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No matter how little money and how few possessions you own,
having a dog makes you rich.

Louis Sabin

The puppies below this line are from the Year-2002 Litter

Click here to see more on the April 2002 litter when they were brand new.

The Bath

Summer of 2002

The puppies below this line are from the
Year-2000 Litter.

Newborn Westies

More About Us Pups

Day One in the Life of a Westie

Pick of the Litter
 Year 2000


Westie Christmas Vignettes
  Dec. 19, 2000


Real Men Choose ... Westies! 

Puppies in the Grass


Bath Time.  Ugh!  

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